10 Amazing Filled Cupcakes!

There is nothing quite like biting into a cupcake and finding a luscious little surprise inside. Chocolate, sweets, mouse, anything like that is A-Ok in my book. I know the process of filling cupcakes is a time consuming and requires a little patience, but the end result is ALWAYS amazing. This list features 10 lovely cupcakes that are filled with all kinds of tasty treats.

filled cupcakes

  1. Source: Normal Activitiesfilled 1
  2. Source: Cincy Shopperfilled 2
  3. Source: Damn Deliciousfilled 3
  4. Source: Marzetti Kitchensfilled 4
  5. Source: My Cupcake Addictionfilled 5
  6. Source: The Gracious Wifefilled 6
  7. Source: Cooking Classyfilled 7
  8. Source: The Girl Who Ate Everythingfilled 8
  9. Source: The Lady Behind The Curtainfilled 9
  10. Source: Spoonful of Flavourfilled 10

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